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Vulcan Pickup Lines [7.13.09 - 10.27pm]
[ mood | amused ]

This is probably the worst thing for me to have found at 10pm on a night when I have class the next day. :(

"The distance between us is increasing; a course correction is indicated."

"I have found a deficiency in my personal wireless communications device.It appears it lacks the combination of numbers necessary to contact you."

"I hypothesize that your genetic makeup contains a percentage of Vulcan DNA." "No, there's no Vulcan in me." "Would you care to modify that statement?"

"that which you have just mentioned has been previously dictated by a female."

*shakes head* People have too much time on their hands. It makes me happy.

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New FMA is out, bwaha. [4.6.09 - 7.47am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

More grocery shopping. )

I really kind of wanted to cook real food today, but since we're going to Nara this weekend, it seems counter-productive to buy things that might spoil if I don't eat them right away. So I guess I'll cook next week or something.

And woo, mom called me. :D She's going to give me money to buy my plane ticket tomorrow, so woo. It's cheaper for both of us to fly to Hawaii, stay there for a week, and then go home than it is for just me to go straight home, so woo, trip to Hawaii. I figure that's probably a good way to reconcile myself with America, I guess. Hawaii is practically part of Japan anyway, they'd like to think so, at least. Hawaii-ken indeed, Japan. Also breaks up the flight nicely, so always a good deal.

First episode of the new FMA series. )

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Ohwow. [4.4.09 - 11.09am]
[ mood | groggy ]

Jesus christ online shopping in Japan is *fast*.

This really is the world's coolest T-shirt. And I'm not just saying that because I've been drinking 60% sake, okay? )

How I came about downing cups of 60% sake. )

So tired. Which makes sense, since alcohol makes me kind of sleepy, and uh, it's what, 2am right now? In here-time. 10:00am in computer time, and therefore what this entry is titled as. I guess I should clarify that, just so everyone doesn't think I'm crazy for having dinner and alcohol at 10am. Pretty certain I'm not that drunk. Pretty certain I'm not drunk, so much as tired. Although I have made a few typos that tell me I might be a little more out of it than usual. At the same time, I'm acting a lot more drunk than I have any real excuse for. I think I might just be going "Well, we did just finish off an entire bottle of whiskey, about half a bottle of sake, and I did have some wine to go with that, so logically speaking, it would make sense for me to be retarded right now." and just using it as an excuse to spin around in circles. Pretty certain if I was drunk spinning around in this chair wouldn't be quite as fun. So yeah.

What else. Watched an episode of House today, and it was amazing. I need to catch up so badly. :( Although it's a little weird watching it now because of the whole Cuddy = Sample connection. Doesn't help that they look pretty similar. This episode particularly didn't help with that, because that really was just the most randomly placed and... kind of awkward makeout session ever?

Ohmygod my Uncle has a Youtube account, what. Ohmygod, my family members had voices at one point, didn't they. And uh, faces. Granted, he's only in like, half a second of one of these videos and makes like, one comment, but uh... yeah. Still really randomly weird.

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Three entries worth of "Huh, the internet is sucking lately. D:" [4.3.09 - 4.19am]
[ mood | bored ]

Post from yesterday that got nerfed when the internet went out. )

And then the internet died again this morning. )

Okay, now for current. My Japanese name is apparently Kagami. CJS is going to hate me, but hey, they can get over it. I'll just tell them it's meaning related or some bullshit like that and everything will be good. The point is, I have a name stamp, so I can get my stupid bank account stuff done next week, hopefully.

It occurred to me slightly too late that I could pull a shodo and use my middle name, since it's all I have that translates into something kind of name like in Japan. It'd be Rin, but Rin sounds cool and all. Although the kanji that are read as rin are really kind of random. Like hayashi, but that's boring. :( One of the cooler looking ones is fish scale, but that's fish scale, so uh... no. :( Oh, and "lonely" can also be read as rin, which while fitting, isn't going to be on any 100 yen name stamps that I need to sign official documents with. And, just for headdesk irony, suzu also reads as rin. I <3 bells. And kanji with the gold radical. But uh, awkward. D: Also pretty certain it's not available by itself in stamp form. Thankfully. D:

Also got my plate from Lawson's today, so I have a plate. Bought the mango jello and got my free cup, so now I have a cup for downstairs.

And uh, the internet's being retardedly slow again, which uh, makes it kind of hard for me to attach photos to this e-mail. D: *pokes Gmail* It doesn't really help that you have an autosave feature if you saved 44 minutes ago. D:

That said, in the time that it took me to write this entry and get it posted, Capcom processed my order and has shipped it to me. That's... a little sad.

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Back from Korea [12.26.08 - 11.55pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Back in Japan, and moved into my new temporary housing. Haven't met anyone yet, which really.. sucks. Wtf. There are about a bajillion rooms in this dorm, and no one is here! D:

Korea trip. )

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Wheee. [11.27.08 - 11.59pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Blahblahblah )

Okay, need to finish getting ready now.

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Okay, Japan journals are go. [9.1.08 - 10.48pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Okay, set up some alternate journals so I can actually start posting in depth about Japan so far.

Like I said earlier, I'll still be using this journal, and it'll have a lot more of my personal stuff on it than the others will, since I want the others to be a bit more.. informative, I guess? So if I feel like rambling about something it goes here, whereas the other journals will be more about reports.

Wound up making one for lj and one for ij, since I can post simultaneously. :3

[info]haikei_keigu is LJ.

And Zenryaku is IJ.

I wanted Sousou to be my LJ one, but it's taken. ;-; And adding underscores in various places didn't work well (one of them was reserved, what?), so I don't get to have a matchin set. ;-; Zenryaku is a Japanese opening for a letter (like "Dear,"), and Sousou is the matching closing (like "sincererly,"). Haikei and Keigu are another set, since individually both were taken. Zenryaku was also taken, which surprised me. :o

So that's a completely uninteresting post from me, woohoo. Going to get offline now, since I'm leeching internet, and then probably start a draft for my first post to the Japan journals.

Oh, and JD, you mentioned having a coupon thing for a paid account or something?

In other news, my sense of time is so off today. I feel like it's evening, but it's really not. I know it's not because I'm still on Calilfornia time, since I'm not really. I dunno, I guess it just feels like a lot has happened today, when it hasn't really been that much at all.

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Actually writing it now. [3.19.08 - 12.22pm]
Yaay, Professor Bathurst is back. :o

Skipping Japanese to work on my paper. >>; Since I'm realizing just how busy today is. x.x; I still have one more assignment for Cross Cultural to do, and the paper, and also the map quiz for tomorrow. >< Asdgddaga. D:

I currently have 1 3/4 of a page, wooo. :o But I think I'm doing okay. >>; Forgot about the Methods section, which is great, because now I get to sit here and type up why it's really a good idea to post forum topics about these things, and not just because I'm lazy and spend most of my time locked up in a room not talking to people. :D; Which, really, takes a lot of explaining anyway. Which is why it's a full page now, and I'm not quite finished. :'D Yaay, 2 pages and a tiny bit. :D

So, I've done my intro, currently working on my methods, and then I need to define dating, and then go on to discussing trends in opinions on who pays. After that is conclusion. So, on my third page already, and I still haven't even gotten to the real point, woohooo. >>;

3 pages. :D I think I'm finally droppinng methods and moving on to the point now. >>; Just because I think I made my explanation of my methods a little round-about and over-done. And maybe slightly paranoid. But that's okay. >>;

But, I'm half-way there. :D Which necessitates a break. Nevermind that, you know, I haven't actually covered anything regarding my research yet. >>; I've totally got three pages here, and the requirement is six, so I'm half-way done and can know that I skipped Japanese and actually did something productive with it.

And, I'm hungry. D:
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A music for you. :P [3.18.08 - 10.37pm]
Orgy - Stitches

Since Ruth requested it. :o

Got some interviews done today, woohoo! :D And a vague outline of what I want to write for my essay. Nevermind that it's due Thursday or anything. >>;

Also did Cross Cultural work, since it's due in a few hours. >>;

And am kind of working on Star Wars stuff. But am being too lazy/tired to actually think of stuff. >>;

Episode 26 of Kirby is amazing. For the record. <3
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Needs moar sleep. [3.18.08 - 2.23am]
Woooo. Got another interview done for Anth. :D Still need to do more, but I'm lazy. >>; So I'll try for two more tomorrow, and to start writing. Figuring I'll write it mostly on who pays on a dinner date. So, if anyone has opinions on that, feel free to post them. :D

Because avoiding work is essential to a healthy lifestyle: Kirby. )

Talked to Aaron for a bit. Haven't talked to him in forever, so that was nice. :o Might interview him later, but I don't want to bother him with it too much, since I haven't talked to him in awhile. He's got 100 pages written of his book now, which is pretty spectacular. And I need to catch up on it. T.T It was shiny.

Want to watch more Darker Than Black, but also don't want to get way far ahead. x.x;

Have Netflix now, though. :o So I'll probably try to watch one of those while I write my essay tomorrow.

And um... got my packages. Yay for textbook that we've already finished because it arrived two weeks late. D: And shirt. Yaay, shirt. The XL is significantly bigger in the online store than it is in the actual store, for some reason. Or at least, it looks that way. Might not fit that way, haven't tried it on yet. But it looks like it will fit okay, just a bit looser than the other ones, which really, is a good thing.
How 4chan are you quiz I mentioned earlier to some of you.

And now for that sleep thing I keep rambling about but not actually doing. >>;
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More Kirby. [3.17.08 - 2.35pm]
So, I really need to remember that I have work from 3-6:00 on Mondays, no 6-8:00 like I used to. :X Good thing to remember. So, you know, I don't show up at work immediately after my shift ends. >>;

Of course, forgetting this and remembering it, I am now motivated to sit here and do nothing productive, because I totally need a two hour break between classes and doing work. >>; Totally. And I can always do homework at work, so it all works out, am I right? :DDD

Since the school hasn't delivered mail yet. DD: )

I could be watching The Prestige or something, but noooo. School decided not to give me my Netflix. D:

Having Dynablade in 3D is really odd. o.O;

Having the egg hatch into a 2D chick is even odder, though.
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Still sleep. More sleep. D: [3.17.08 - 3.16am]
Finished IRM notes.

I could have typed up four pages of essay instead, but noooo... I decided to actually go to IRM tomorrow, and therefore had to do the homework on time. D: Laaame.

In other news, forgot to mention that on the car ride I finally beat that stupid boss in Kirby. DDD: Freaking jump ability. Laaame. And if it weren't basically necessary for the beginning part where you're just trying to get away, I'd just get tornado or something and smack the bitch around like I do for most of the other battles. Actually only wound up playing Kirby because I dropped my DS on the game select screen, when I was debating between Phoenix Wright and Kirby, and Kirby was the one that the floor selected. Sooo.. I went with it. :D;

More Kirby. XD; )

I'm going to wind up sleeping through IRM tomorrow. I just know it. @.@;

So have some more spam, and then I'm going to pass out, kthx? :D
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Sleeeeeeeeeeeep. DDD: [3.17.08 - 1.04am]
Well, I'm back.

Not feeling well. Figured that would go away while I was in the car, but it actually got a little bit worse. D:

But, I did work on my IRM notes. Haven't finished them yet. Don't want to. D: And then I have to go through and tag them. >.< Doooo nooot waaant. D:

Watched from FMVs from Dirge of Cerberus. Laughed hysterically for a long, long time. Oh jesus. I so need that game. As soon as it's less than $10. >> Preferably around $5. It will get there.

Doing my IRM notes on Anonymous. :o Nevermind that I've never actually been to any of the protests, that's what Youtube's for. :D

Otherwise, I crave juice. D: Juice boxes, actually. >>; There was one in my fridge, and it made me stupidly happy. So now I want more juicy boxes. I didn't get them as a child, and I'm in college now, so I need juice boxes. :o Plus, this one kind of actually good. And they're easier to fit in my fridge. I'm also nearly out of water, so you know... buying stuff to drink might be a good idea in the interest of not shrivelling up and dying.

I do have one adorably tiny bottle of grapefruit juice left. :o I need to go to Big Lots and see if the one here has any shiny things. Like $1 tiny bottles of grapefruit juice or $2 boxes of Cheez-its. :D

I'm... a kindergartener. D:
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Hooowwwseeeee. And Kiiirbyyyyy. [3.16.08 - 3.00pm]
Yeeeeessssss. I has delicious House spoilers, bwahahaha. I knew they'd show up eventually. :'D Of course, all the good stuff has been pushed off to season 5, soo... it sucks, but it's also good, since then they have more time to make it awesome? :o Rooaaad triiip. If Doris Egan isn't writing that one, I will cryyy.

Lame and uncreative finale sounds pretty... lame and uncreative. But we'll see.

Kiirbyyyy. )

Library's having a Maltese Falcon themed lunch on Thursday. Already registered. :DDD I'm so dorkily excited. XD They're raffling off the DVD and a model of the Falcon. I just spent a day searching for that damn DVD and couldn't find it, so it wiiilll beee miiiineeee. Even if I have to harass my co-workers. DD: We're supposed to cosplay. I'm wondering what to do about that. I'm feeling lazy, so I don't really want to take more clothes back with me. x.x;

Have a few more things to pack. ... Namely my laptop. And then I'm ready to go. ._. Don't want to leeaaave. D: Freaking school.

So yeah. I want to sit around and watch old movies and Kirby. And, you know, not write essays. >
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Note to self: [3.14.08 - 12.15pm]
Dear Myself,

Using symbols to label things in your writing notes is a great idea.

So is making a key for when weeks down the line, you're trying to figure out what it means if something has a star, a circle, or a triangle next to it.

Just a thought.


.... But, no, really. What DID I mean by circle? Or triangle? I know star still, but the other two have me stumped. x.o;

And, you know, speaking of coded notes, I still need to do that ethnography.

I kind of want to see if I can code my Anthropology notes completely in the names of women. But I don't think I have the creative genius or the motivation to waste time and be obnoxious that Roy does. >> That, and Batto and Bathurst wouldn't get it anyway, so it might be a little awkward.

Should be working on things like that, but have no idea what I'm going to do for it. x.o; We don't really need to interview people, do we? x.o; Can't I just sit somewhere and take notes? ><

Maybe I can just recycle my notes from the time we stalked the library. >> She totally wouldn't notice, right? And I'm totally unfamiliar with it, since I work there, right? >>;

Mom's decided to call in sick to work on Sunday, so I'm leaving then. So.. no chance of doing this when I get back, either. Since isn't it due Monday or something? ~_~;
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Model UN Conference #1 is finished! :DD [3.13.08 - 7.52pm]
Closing Commentary from the Model UN admins. )

And some bragging. :D )

We totally win the UN. :D

Bring on the other countries! We can totally take them. :D

In other news, $200 for a passport is ridiculous, had to get more pictures taken and they're awful, goddamnitalltohell. But it's done. Also have a box of Cheez-Its to take back to school. :'D

And mom got me Stardust as an early birthday present, and she liked it. :D
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Sigh. [3.12.08 - 4.12pm]
Spring break has been going by too quickly. x.o;

Need to get off my ass and work on projects, but I've been preoccupied with Model UN stuff. Not a whole lot, but enough. x.o; Trying to make sure I remember to go to the conference tomorrow and everything. x.x;

Need to do taxes, need to get my passport, need to figure out wtf I'm supposed to do for the Ethnography in IRM because the paper I thought was the paper for IRM is actually the paper for Anth... Need to write the paper for Anth, but first need to figure out what I'm writing for the paper in Anth, and probably collect more data as much as I don't want to... need to at least do reasearch for Cross Cultural paper.

Really want to just hang out with people or visit teachers or something, but I don't think I really have much time for it. :/ The more time I spend sitting here doing nothing, the more likely I am to get tired of it and start on work.

Although right now I'm just burnt out on everything.

Probably going back a little bit early. Like Friday or Saturday. Figure if that happens, I can work on papers when I get back.

On the upside, I just managed to get one of my Cross Cultural books on Ebay for $9.50.

On the downside, I can't get to Paypal because their website is down for maintenence. It tells me to come back at 3 a.m. Who in fuck upgrades their website in the middle of the day and tells people to come back at 3 a.m.?
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Blaargh, homework. T.T [3.8.08 - 2.16pm]
Hey Saaaam.

We need to work on that position paper that's due on Monday. x.x; Should be pretty easy, since it's just like, a paragraph, right? But since I know nothing about Finance, I figure it'd probably be good if we got together for it. >>; So I'm going to try to be on AIM/MSN a lot this weekend, so when you have time we can try to work on it? :o

Trip back. )

Need to interview people for Anth. Who wants to volunteer? :DDD It's due the week I go back, soo.. need help nao plz. T.T
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I wear my sunglasses at night, because I can. :D [3.5.08 - 9.24pm]
Lawl, I hate this girl. )

muuusiiiic. )

Now off to make a new icon, and then possibly reading the entire book I need to read tonight. :'D And then seeing if I need to do anything for PacRim, lawl.

And car problems. x.x; )

Now to get to work on that icon.


It's not terribly artistic, but the images amuse me. :'D

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Pac Rim Notes. D: [3.3.08 - 9.14pm]
PacRim notes.

Chapter 2 )


Ch2 Continued )

Chapter 4 )
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